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Start speaking with Rosetta Stone® Language Learning for Homeschool


Rosetta Stone Language Learning for Homeschool is the only technology-driven homeschool language-learning program built on more than 25 years of successful outcomes.

Designed with your child's success in mind, our approach is the interactive, engaging way to add foreign language curriculum to your homeschool. It's also designed to make it easier for you to teach any of 25 different languages-even if you don't speak them yourself-thanks to integrated parent tools and lesson planning.

Your homeschoolers will start speaking from lesson one. You'll be able to hear-and see-their progress as they learn.

What will my homeschooler learn?

Rosetta Stone® Language Learning for Homeschool offers up to five levels of language lessons in 25 different languages. Parent Administrative Tools help you plan lessons, track student progress, generate reports and document achievement—all based on your family's specific educational goals.

Start fast and stay motivated.

Homeschoolers begin with fundamental vocabulary and essential language structures, and develop their command of language as they gain conversational language skills across multiple levels.

A completely immersive environment.

As they progress through the curriculum, young learners will build intermediate skills like giving directions and telling time, expressing opinions and talking about the world around them. They'll advance to more complex language concepts like discussing government and the arts and conveying emotions and ideas.

A carefully designed sequence of activities.

Self-guided curriculum allows kids to progress at their own pace or revisit areas that need improvement—which makes it easier to teach and track children of different ages.


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