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Give today’s education marketplace, more solutions are operating in multiple targets, doing education across borders. These trends make the need for education proficiency greater than ever before, and underscore how professional development is critical to ours success.


"Peace comes from within.

Do not seek it without"


-Kotama Bhuddha-

563 BC.

Nuthathai K.

Founder & CEO

"Family time are my Precious time"

Big sister, who always take care about everything in the company, customers, suppliers, staff but often forget to take care herself.

Sophida H.

Head of Sales & Marketing

"Workhard, to have more time to play harder"

All about office stuff, you name it, I have it. If we don't have, I'll find it for you.

Reabroy V.

Co Founder & Operation


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Is Simply

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Tel: +

Q-House Lumpinee bldg. FL 27,

1 South-Sathorn Road, Sathorn

Bangkok, Thailand 10120

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